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July 15th

Featured: Design Sponge

While studying my last quarter at SCAD in Lacoste, France, I became quick friends with the lovely Ribeaucourt family. They invited me into their home on multiple occasions (and fed me REAL FOOD). Ruth makes beautiful jewelry out of antique silk ribbon, and she asked me to assist in a photo shoot of her and her home. Well, no surprise here, but everybody LOVES Ruth and her work. So, lucky for me, my photographs have been used in The Gloss, RocoMag (page 74-79), and now Design Sponge, all because of her! 

June 24th


Stay tuned to Penelope’s tumblrtwitter and website to witness her journey this week in the corporate zoo. 



Having made the terrible drive into the office the annoying woman from accounting, Kelly, comes over to say, “Good Morning,” in her chipper and shrill voice. She’s an early bird and it feels like she always is just getting everyone’s worm. Now it’s on to the stupid morning check in emails and report reports, which is something my boss made up to make himself look good. What am I doing with my life?

June 17th

Raven Cliff Falls

Today was easily the most enjoyable day I’ve had since returning to Georgia from Lacoste. It’s hard not to miss that place, but exploring Raven Cliff Falls reminded me that there’s much more of Georgia that I’ve yet to explore. We swam in freezing water, climbed up hanging vines, leaned over deep drops, tripped way too much (sometimes on nothing), and walked through too many spider webs. I can’t wait to return when I’m more prepared to stay the night by the waterfall. I really need to hike more, North Georgia is so close and so beautiful, yet I always forget it’s there. I’m going to try to do a hike every weekend and hit all the major trails.


ACAC - Demolition Day Party

Last night I attended a Demolition Day Party at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. They celebrated 40 successful years, and shared plans for their next move. BLDGS will be renovating the space to accomodate more programs in hopes that ACAC can improve their impact on the Atlanta art community and beyond. The event was also the last day to view The Olympic City by Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit.

April 23rd


​Yesterday I spent the day in Roussillon. It’s a small village positioned next to ochre mines. It was absolutely gorgeous. It’s wonderful because all the houses are coated in this ochre so they all become different shades of orange. When it rains the colors become more saturated and really quite beautiful. 

After a cappuccino in the village, we hit the mines. It was most beautiful when there weren’t school tours or hoards of people running through. We had all day there, so we were able to find a few moments of silence in the mines. 



Today my friends and I spent the day exploring in a small village near Lacoste called Gordes.  I say it was a small village, but compared to Lacoste, it was huge. It was a nice getaway because there were more than two restaurants, and there were a couple of great art galleries to walk through. 

My favorite part was definitely the church we stumbled upon, the Aumonerie St. Jacques. We entered at the perfect time of day to witness the light pour into the room through the windows. 

After visiting the church, we hiked around the entire village and found a great spot to sit down and catch our breath (there were a lot of hills) and eat a baguette we got from the local bakery. 

Finally the buses arrived to pick us up. I enjoyed Gordes a lot, but 10 hours in one place is a lot. If I could go back again I would definitely try to make it to a service at the church, and maybe even wake up early enough to watch the sunrise from that great spot. Maybe.


Atlanta ✈ Lacoste

The wait is over, I have finally arrived in Lacoste! I have only been here for one week, but have already developed a love for this little village and the people in it. 

After a 24 hour layover in Amsterdam, I was exhausted and ready to settle into my home for the next two months. Amsterdam is a beautiful place with beautiful people. It’s impossible to walk a few blocks without crossing over one of its canals, which only got more and more lovely as the sun began to set. Also, it snowed. It looked like glitter falling from the sky, which sounds amazing, but it was actually quite miserable because I was quite unprepared for that kind of cold.

I made it! Look at this place. Just look. So ridiculously beautiful. Every morning when I wake up I take a few minutes to stare out my window. Everywhere I turn is another breathtaking view of mountains and valleys, vineyards and medieval villages. The next 2 months is going to be a great opportunity to hone some artistic skills and grow as a photographer and as a person.

Sidenote: I have transfered my blog over from another site. This post was originally written on April 4th, 2013.​

January 29th

: Reviews // Twin Kittens // Theron Humphrey // Maddie the Coon Hound


Instagram is an amazing thing. And iPhone’s. Dogs.

Somehow, in the past several years, everyone and their mother (embarrassingly) has shared too much of their life on Instagram. Sometimes it’s annoying, but every now and then a (real) photographer comes along and breathes a breath of fresh air…

January 12th


December 20th

Some friends of mine have been working on a really great project, Young and United. Please consider helping them reach their funding goal! You can find them on kickstarter.